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The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board Operations for the State of Arkansas provides a staff and resources to carry out the duties of the Board in the application of laws and regulations governing the safe handling of liquefied petroleum gases.

These duties include:

  1. Reviewing and approving of applications for permits and licenses.
  2. Conducting of qualifying examinations.
  3. Issuing and renewal of permits, licenses and certifications.
  4. Inspect liquefied petroleum gas equipment and facilities annually.
  5. Monitor mandatory education requirements and provide basic initial training for Class I permit holders.
  6. Investigate complaints and accidents and hold disciplinary hearings.

The personnel of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board for the State of Arkansas includes the Director, four Field Inspectors and two Office Support Staff.

For information regarding laws and statues, view the "State Code Manual" available from the menu at the left. You may also contact Sharon E. Coates, Director via phone: (501)683.4100, fax: (501)683.4110 or by e-mail at

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board
for the State of Arkansas
Sharon E. Coates
Phone: (501) 683.4100
Fax: (501) 683.4110
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